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way to a safer venue after protesters attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi and opened fire. the violence in protest to that amateur online film produced in the u.s. that offended millions and millions of muslims. first, we want to bring in elise labott. she has known ambassador stevens for ten years. she works at the state department for us. elise this is a tragedy for the entire diplomatic community this morning. >> yes, yes. john, this is a terrible day for the state department. everyone is going to be in mourning today. it's not just the fact that chris stevens was such a popular figure of the state department. really, one of the cream of the crop of the u.s. foreign service. but it's been many years since someone of this level has been killed in an attack like this. so i think there's going to be a lot of shockwaves through the state department. after all the u.s. has done for the libyans. using force to get rid of moammar gadhafi, to help libya stand up as it moved towards elections, as it tries to start anew. i think there's going to be a lot of gut checking right now
of the state department. really, one of the cream of the crop of the u.s. foreign service. but it's been many years since someone of this level has been killed in an attack like this. so i think there's going to be a lot of shockwaves through the state department. after all the u.s. has done for the libyans. using force to get rid of moammar gadhafi, to help libya stand up as it moved towards elections, as it tries to start anew. i think there's going to be a lot of gut checking right now about how the u.s. wants to proceed. not just with libya. but with a lot of countries in the middle east. i mean if you look at the islamic wave that has swept the middle east in terms of these revolutions, the u.s. was very apprehensive, that we are going to support democratic movements. but they also said, secretary clinton has also said that an election does not a democracy make. and so these countries are not going to necessarily hold up to their end of the bargain. there are diplomatic conventions about protecting u.s. facilities. about holding to democratic values. and you saw some statements coming ou
of states, jamie rubin and richard williamson. u.s. ambassador tim roemer. robin wright a highly respected middle east expert and "time" magazine's editor bobby ghosh. >> it is friday. the 14th of september. "starting point" begins right now. >> and our "starting point" this morning, rage against america. anti-american protests erupting in more countries overnight. and with friday prayers ending, u.s. embassies around the world are bracing for more this morning. >> overnight, the anger and the defiance that began wednesday over the anti-muslim movie in the u.s. spreading, look at this map. 11 countries, we're talking all the we from egypt to as far west as morocco and as far east as indiana. >> egypt the main hotspot right now. where the violence first erupted three days ago. this morning there were more flashes, protesters setting fires, and the egyptian military deploying tanks to calm things down. but we just learned that the muslim brotherhood has canceled nationwide protests, announcing instead that a protest will be held only in tahrir square against that film about the pro
, iran, which handles u.s. interests there and at the u.s. embassies in sanaa, that is a capital of yemen, and of course, in cairo in egypt. >> we want to get right to iran right now. we are on the phone with shirrzod, who hopefully can tell us what's going on in tehran. what is the latest, shirzad? >> the protests against this new anti-islam film took about two hours, it started about noon local time, about 2 1/2 hours ago, and wrapped up about half an hour ago. there are only about a dozen riot, anti-riot police still stationed around the embassy compound, but i didn't see anything move inside or inside the embassy at all, i couldn't see anything. i don't know if there's anybody in there at all or not. but the protests are very peaceful. the crowds of university students were kept well away from the embassy compound by the police and anti-riot police. there were no arrests made. there were no violence whatsoever. it was a very peaceful demonstration and the students read a statement at the end that supported their egyptian and libyan brethren in their recent acts and they said that they
overseas. protests have become angry and violent outside u.s. and nato bases in kabul and afghan police official said at least 15 officers were injured in protests against an offensive anti-islam film that was made by a relatively unknown movie producer. demonstrators firing their guns in iraq setting at least two police cars on fire near the u.s. embassy. it comes a day after four american soldiers were killed on an american base in afghanistan by insurgents who were dressed as american military members. kabul, karachi, pakistan the two main hot spots this morning. more from pakistan just ahead. first to anna coren live in cable for us. what's happening? >> soledad, there were protests on the street, as you say, not far from the u.s. embassy here in kabul. about 300 protesters attacked police and 15 officers were injured, including the commander. they burnt two police cars, along with a bunch of tires, and we approached the scene. however there were reports that guns were being fired and that they were attacking westerners. we had to keep at bay. certainly that violence that we've seen
president, once again, there will behose tough remarks about iran, saying time is not limited. the u.s. president is going to be saying that there is just a time limit to diplomacy. the u.s. and many other nations extremely worried about iran's nuclear capability. iran's leader, mahmoud ahmadinejad, yesterday told the united nations in a speech about the rule of law that the security council members should be changed. they are allowing, in effect, israel to possess a nuclear weapon, while all the attention is focused on tehran. earlier in a meeting with reporters, he, in effect, again, questioned israel's legitimacy. this issue, of course, has been seen on the u.n. stage here for years. sometimes it's a side show. there are many other points president obama is going to mention, including saying how these attacks based on a video were totally uncalled for in the middle east region and that free speech must be a cornerstone of american democracy. soledad? >> all right, lots to look forward to today. thanks for the update richard roth at the u.n. we're going to be talking with mitt romney
brazen attack against americans, a suicide bomber rams into a u.s. government vehicle in northwestern pakistan. plus, the big question today, are you better off now than four years ago? some democrats not quite so sure and republicans are pouncing on that this morning. >>> flooding and blackouts still linger a week after hurricane isaac slammed into the gulf coast. we've got a packed show this morning of the we'll talk to maryland governor martin o'malley. and congressman ee leej gentleman cummings and rea ins priebus and jim rogers, the co-chairman of the host committee for the democratic national convention. and design guru ty pennington is joining us as well. it's monday, september 3rd and "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome, everybody, our "starting point," breaking news overnight, a car that was packed with explosives slammed into a u.s. consulate vehicle in peshawar in pakistan. two u.s. consulate employees were injured. we're being told two pakistanis have been killed as well. jill dougherty joins us with the latest. what are you hear, jill? >> hey, s
. brand-new details about that attack in benghazi that claimed the lives of the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens, and three other americans. the nation's counterterrorism chief is telling congress that armed extreme iists saw an opportunity to attack during an protest over an anti-muslim film and took that opportunity. >> i would say, yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our country. >> sources tell cnn that ambassador stevens expressed concerns in security in the months before he died. he also acknowledged being on an al qaeda hit list. senator john mccain was practically seething last night when you talked to anderson on "a.c. 360". >> does it make any sense to you the level of -- or the small level of security he apparently had with him? >> it doesn't make any sense. and i'll tell you what else doesn't make any sense is the white house spokesman, secretary of state, and our ambassador to the u.n. stating categorically that it was not a terrorist attack, when obviously it had all the earmarks of a terrorist attack, including rocket-propelled grenade
at all in sight? >>> and four hours, 54 minutes later, history finally made at the u.s. open. >> oh. >> complete with some tears. what a moment. >> huge show today. take a look who will be talking to. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. also current mayor, michael bloomberg. homeland security chairman congressman peter king. homeland security adviser to president bush fran townsend. and author and actor and apparent teaer of at least a year, tony danza. >> it is tuesday, september 11th. "starting point" begins right now. >> and good morning to you. thank you so much for being with us here. our starting point here, no signs of progress. but no deal yet. we say yet, for these 30,000 teachers just about on strike in the city of chicago. which means, 350,000 students have yet another unscheduled day off. >> we are the union. >> the teachers want what they consider to be a fair contract. casey wian is at manuel perez junior elementary school in chicago. and casey, depending on who you listen to, there was some movement toward a deal overnight. but there are still some sticking poin
-28 over buffalo. >> ouch. the u.s. open serena williams pushed to the limit on her way to a fourth title there. serena rallied to force a third set tiebreaker and beat top ranked victoria azarenka last night in new york city. she became the first 30-something woman to win a grand slam since 1987, and it is her 15th grand slam title overall. the men play today. novak djokovic and andy murray in their final. >> look at those arms. all right, so congress will be back at work today for an abbreviated pre-election session. we are expecting more of the same. which is. >> not much. >> yeah. a live picture now. >> beautiful. looks nice. their main focus will probably be the bare minimum, preventing a full-on government shutdown later this month. >> also we're expecting illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. to return to the hill for the first time since may after he checked out of the mayo clinic where he was treated for depression. athena jones is following all of the developments from capitol hill. a busy monday morning for you. good morning, athena. >> good morning. well guys as you know this
despite warnings from the pentagon, the book "no easy day." a s.e.a.l.'s act of the raid of osama bin laden will hit store shelves. release date was moved up from september 11th and the pentagon already worried about loose lips threatened legal action against the author. they say he violated an agreement not to divulge military secret. to say nothing of the code of the s.e.a.l.s to keep their mission secret. >> but it's the violation part that's going to get him in serious legal trouble i'm sure. this year many of the rising stars in the democratic side aren'tn capitol hill, they are from city hall. more than a half dozen mayors scheduled to speak in charlotte. and one is philadelphia mayor, michael nutter. nice to see you, sir. thanks for talking with us. >> good morning. >> you're going to give a speech. are you talking -- >> wednesday night. >> wednesday night which will be a big night. what's your message? we've gotten word that people will come out as apit bulls and attack dogs. what's your strategy? >> i'm just a really nice guy, soledad. >> really? okay. >> i'm going to talk ab
militias that don't fall under the government authority. the order comes in response to the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed four americans, including ambassador christopher steven. >>> mitt romney sounds like he's ready for a reboot and a fight. the gop nominee says he'll get more aggressive in the first six weeks of the race. he says president obama has been putting words in his mouth and he plans to put a stop to it. >> i think that the president's campaign has focused its advertising in many cases on very inaccurate portrayals of my position. they've been very aggressive in their attacks both on a personal basis, on a policy basis. >> the president says one of the biggest disappointments of his fist four years in office is his failure to change the political climate in washington. >> i think that, you know, as president i bear responsibility for everything, to some dpre. and one of the things i've realized over the last two years is that that only has happened happens if i'm enlisting the american people much more aggressively than i did the first two years. >> ft. pre
moments this morning overseas for the u.s. ambassador to china gary locke. locke's official car surrounded by a group of about 50 protesters outside the u.s. embassy in beijing. some of them throwing cups at the vehicle. and jumping all over it. the car was damaged but the ambassador was not hurt. chinese security guards were able to step in and protect him. >>> chicago public schools will finally be in session this morning for some 350,000 students. the teachers union voted yesterday to end its seven-day walkout. teachers and support staff still have to ratify the new deal which chicago mayor rahm emanuel calls an honest compromise. >> the issue is we cannot get a perfect contract. there's no such thing as a contract that wod make all of us happy. and we're realistic about that. >> karen lewis, the president of the teachers union, had accused the mayor of trying to bully members back to work. >>> more americans say they are optimistic about the economy and the direction of the country, and that's helping spark something of a spike in the polls for president obama. take a look at the lates
in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> see, the election four years ago wasn't about me. it was about you. my fellow citizens, you were the change. >> welcome back to "starting point," it is our final day in charlotte, north carolina, the president laid out his vision for his second term last night. illinois governor pat quinn spoke earlier in the week. >> glad to be here, great speech last night. >> some people said it was a safe speech. do you think he had to deliver a safe speech? >> when i heard the quote from the speech, the highest office in a democracy is the office of citizen and i've known barack obama a long, long time. he understands that the power of our country, the most strong power is power of citizens banding
in other hot spots, as well, following friday prayer. the u.s. has closed diplomatic facilities in indonesia, in sudan, all as a precaution. let's get to cnn's reza sayah live for us in pakistan. >> good morning, soledad. we certainly expected protests in pakistan today but we didn't expect them to start in the morning. but that's exactly what we saw. demonstrations in islamabad, peshawar, lahore, some of them turned violent, more than two dozen people injured in peshawar. one person killed, and it's only halfway through on this friday, and more demonstrations are expected. in pakistan, deepening concern for an explosive day of protests. for the second friday in a row, hard-line religious groups have called for anti-western demonstrations. on a day declared by islamabad as a national day of love, for islam's prophet muhammad. by 9:00 a.m. local time, small groups of protesters had already torched toll booths, looted stores, and clashed with police in several cities. friday's demonstrations come a day after hundreds of protesters, and many young men in their teens and 20s, tried
a government computer, including president obama's ipad. the group posted online when it claims are the i.d.s of more than a million i phones and ipads. they say in all, 12 million apple i.d.s were obtained from an fbi agent's laptop. >>> florida a and m dealing with another hazing incident. the school has suspended an all female student dance team after receiving an anonymous tip from a parent about hazing in an off off campus event. a spokeswoman would say the alleged hazing included alcohol consumption and running uphills. last year you'll recall robert champion died during a post-game hazing ritual. >>> state officials have closed 12 miles of beaches along the louisiana coast, tar balls and oil are washing up on shore from hurricane isaac. bp insists it is too early to tell if the oil came from the deep water whorizon accident. ten parishes suffered serious flooding with more than 13,000 homes damaged. that number is expected to go up. 38,000 customers are still without power there as well. and take a look, folks, this incredible video out of lake of the ozarks, this is in missouri and hi
the to t s ths th s game. and you don't trust the decision they're making. you don't trust the replacement refs. you will trust these regular referees, who have been doing this for many, many years. >> tiki barber, nice to see you, two days in a row. >>> ahead on "starting point," the obama administration now suggesting that al qaeda may have been behind the attack on that libya consulate that killed four americans. why has it taken them so long to come forward with this? and do we have the full story, even now? >>> and take a look at this. a teenager dressed in a sheet with a fake grenade launcher walking the streets of phoenix. he and his uncle were trying to make a point, what point, i'm not sure? and did it work? you're watching "starting point." >>> america finally learned what it would finally take to settle a labor dispute. a blown interception call that not only cost the green bay packers a victory, but cost one fan a week of wearing only a seattle seahawks jersey and a thong. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up i
bit? the rhetoric between the u.s., israel and iran over iran's nuclear program, very hot. there's a lot of worry that iran -- israel could preemptively strike against iran. so he's saying, listen, you might want to tone it down. but i think that he's going to go in the opposite direction. this is his last time at the u.n. general assembly, i think he's going to go for broke. >> i like you said bullying pulpit there. >> we're going to talk with michele flournoy, the co-chair of the obama campaign's national security committee. she's coming up in just a few minutes. >>> iran and its president have been insisting all along they are not pursuing a nuclear weapon. but, bill clinton, he's not buying it for a second. he's calling on international inspectors to verify ahmadinejad's claim that tehran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. the former president not mincing words at all with cnn's piers morgan. >> what they're really saying is, in spite of the fact that we deny the holocaust, that we threatened israel, and we demonize the united states and we do all this stuff, we want
that terrorists clearly planned the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. leon panetta says there are still many unanswered questions. >> as to who was involved, were specific groups involved, i think the investigation that is ongoing hopefully will determine that. >> meanwhile the state department says it is removing staff from the embassy in tripoli due to security concerns. >>> the man behind the innocence of muslims, that film that sparked outrage in the muslim world, is in jail this morning in los angeles. nakoula basseley nakoula is being held on alleged parole violations. court records show he used at least 17 fake names, including one he used while making the film. in addition an actress in that movie is suing nakoula for copy right violation. >>> president obama is expected to pick up a phone and place a call to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today. this will be the first time the two leaders have spoken since the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. netanyahu has been pressuring the president
the border near eagle pass, texas. mexican authorities are blocking all roads leading to the u.s. >>> the coast guard is searching off the coast of florida after a 21-year-old woman went overboard during a cruise headed for the bahamas. the captain immediately stopped the ship and turned around to search for her. two other nearby ships joined the search before coast guard crews took over. >>> classes will resume at louisiana state university a day after a bomb threat forced the evacuation of the entire campus. thousands of students, professors and university employees were told to leave since no specific part of the campus was mentioned. police and bomb sniffing dogs swept each of the school's 250 buildings. >>> cancer is now the number one cause of death for hispanics in the u.s. that's according to a new study from the american cancer society. heart disease remains the number one cause of death for african-americans and non-hispanic whites. the study says the reason cancer is already the biggest cause of death for hispanics is probably because the hispanic population as a whole
it and love you guys with all my heart. >> wow. roddick was the last american man to win a grand slam at the u.s. open in 2003 and also the last american man to hold the number one ranking. farewell, andy roddick. can't wait to see what he does next. >> christine, thanks. appreciate it. our starting point, back to that, president obama will accept his party's nomination for president tonight, a ringing endorsement from the former president bill clinton. here is a little of how it went. >> barack obama to be the next president of the united states and i proudly nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. >> new jersey mayor cory booker is with us. some people said that was one of the best speeches he ever gave, certainly a long speech. i think he is known for that sometimes. it was a terrific speech. he really laid out sort of the accomplishments of the administration, i thought. >> with the exception of the two candidates themselves, in my opinion, because it cut through a lot of negativity you are hearing in the media about the campaign and the sound bites and it was almost
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)